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Welcome to Fishermen's Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc.

Fishermen’s Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc. “FPAL” is a lobster exporting facility on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. FPAL is a lobster exporter on the global stage. FPAL focuses its exports mainly on the Asian, European, and Canadian countries. FPAL is a major exporting company that puts sustainability, quality, and customer service at the head of the business. We are proud to be among the many bringing fresh Atlantic lobster to dinner plates globally. The company President Erica Smith’s dedication to the industry has helped us achieve many outstanding accomplishments. We are growing stronger not only as a company, but as a brand. We have established a hiring practice based on longevity, productivity, and efficiency. We ensure our employees have extensive training in quality assurance to make sure only the best people are handling our lobsters. We put a lot of focus on achieving productivity with innovative equipment, allowing for faster packing time, and less time lobsters are out of water. This ensures customers receive top of the line quality Atlantic Lobster.


At Fishermen’s Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc., we believe it is our close community ties that are pushing us to go beyond being a company that export seafoods. As local fishermen would say, it’s the salt water in the veins of every employee working at FPAL that keeps the company moving forward. Through our partnerships with lobster suppliers throughout Canada, we have been able to immensely strengthen our supply chain unlike our major competitors. We have merged our community bond into our business relationships, building the strongest supply chain of live lobsters in Atlantic Canada.


Harvesting lobster is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The fishermen rise before the sun and set out in all sorts of rough weather. As such, Fishermen’s Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc. is a corporation that listens to their fishermen and is constantly in works to improve the trap-to-table process. We want this industry to thrive for many years to come, which is why FPAL is dedicated to the freshness and quality of our lobsters. Our goal is for our customers, near and far, to enjoy our local lobster as much as we do!

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